Rules to Live By (most of the time)

September 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

How do you orderyour life?  Calendars, Outlook reminders, lists, Post-It notes…  Me, I tend to create rules because for some reason if I add something to my personal canon, it seems easier to adhere to.  I’m sure why, but it usually works, so I go with it.   

One of my first rules was instituted several years ago to kick my daily Diet Coke habit- do not store Diet Coke on the premises.  This rule helped decrease my soda (and caffeine) consumption without going cold turkey.  Every once in a while, I slip and a six-pack of diet soda finds it way into my house.  Thankfully, the rule is so ingrained that once the soda is consumed, it’s easy enough to revert back to the default rule.


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