Redesigning Flower Beds and a Little Scope Creep

May 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yup, I did it. I used a project management term in a post about gardening.  What can I say, but, I have an inner technology geek that needs acknowledgment occasionally.

One great joy (and challenge) of home ownership is gardening.  See, this ‘new-to-us’ home came packaged with a long neglected yard, and I’ve been working hard to turn it around (my war on weeds has been documented here and here and here again), but as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  And I suppose that implies a backyard can’t be rehabbed into a garden oasis overnight and that one should just focus on the project at hand.  

The present challenge being tackled is re-doing a pair of decrepid flower beds.  They came complete with too many straight lines, scalloped edging that just isn’t our style, and diseased rose bushes.  This project has been in process for almost a month.  It started with a simple plan– dig up a rose-bush and re-edge the smallest beds.  And then, I realized that  it made sense to extend it around the corner into the side yard.  In order to do that, the side yard needed to be cleared of dumped rocks, sand, moss and plastic tarp, oh, and broken glass.  

Once the small bed was completed, there were plenty of pavers leftover, so work was started on the larger bed.  Of  course, once the large bed was started, it made sense to just purchase the rest of the pavers and finish the darn thing. When I reached the end of the long bed, it became clear that a retaining wall was required. 

That is scope creep at its finest. 

Flower Beds: Before

Edging Close-Up: Before

Flower Bed: After

Flower Beds: New Retaining Wall

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