Photographic Interlude: Nine (GBBD)

May 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been wandering through an amazing array of gardening blogs and decided I’d try my hand at participating in May’s Garden Blogger Bloom Day.  I’m late to the party, as always; I try to reserve rigid timeliness for work, meetings, and haircut appointments.

Between being a new gardener and being in a new state/home, gardening is a process of discovery as the plants, trees and shrubs in my yard were established long before I showed up.  While I must admire them and their tenacity in the face of years of neglect, many, including the ones below, are on my hit list.


I’m not entirely sure what this flowering tree is but it does have lovely white flower pom poms. It’s days are numbered because it is right in the middle of the drop zone of our last remaining Lombardy Poplar, which is slated for execution removal as soon as 2011 arrives.  I’d feel a little guilty if this tree didn’t already have a rotting trunk, and I didn’t loathe that poplar so much.


This fuchsia rhododendron is also on my hit list.  It’s lovely for anyone with tunnel vision or cropping software, but its neighbor is a crimson red rhododendron. Looking at the two together, in bloom, is like a bad Glamour fashion don’t.  Plus, they reside in a beautifully sunny location that would be a spectacular spot for another raised vegetable bed. 

Hmmm, this bloom appreciation post somehow morphed into a hit list.  Mea culpa.

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