Photographic Interlude: One

February 14, 2010 § 11 Comments

 I tend to move through my days trying to get to the next item on my checklist. In the process, I forget to pause and appreciate a view, moment, lesson, or project. So through the end of March, I’ll post one photo (taken by yours truly) a week along with a note about its significance as way encourage myself, and maybe you, to pause and enjoy life.

So here goes my first Photographic Interlude:



I purchased these lovely flowers from Trader Joe’s this week to practice some photography techniques covered in a blogging workshop. The last few weeks have been a blur as I’ve tried to balance the workshop, a couple of home improvement projects, and my ongoing job search. So this photo is reminder to enjoy learning and being encouraged to be creative. 

So tell me, what did you enjoy most about your week?

§ 11 Responses to Photographic Interlude: One

  • mdashing says:

    Lovely! Very cool. Am also inspired by your Flickr photos–I am currently trying to teach myself how to style flowers…

    Cheers from a fellow BYW student. (-:

  • Sarah says:

    Great idea and GREAT pix! the flowers look great – aren’t you loving your little studio??? looks good – I’m trying to read as many blogs as I can…see you in class!

  • Sarah says:

    PS: I really like the lighting effect – I like that stream of light from the right side of the picture…

  • Mitzi Curi says:

    Your picture are uncomplicated and beautiful. I think you’ve done a very nice job. The best thing about the last week for me has been visiting so many new blogs!

  • sashaann says:

    Mdashing- Styling flowers is quite a challenge- I’d love to know if you’re using a book or website, I’d be interested in re-learning. In grade school, I took a flower arranging seminar but it hasn’t stuck with me 😦

    Sarah- Thank for both comments. It is beyond amazing what a difference the ‘studio’ makes in the pictures I taken this week.

  • Suze says:

    I love the semplicity and pureness of this photo, very pretty.
    I’m trying some flower styling myself, I have 1 pic up with red tulips and I’ll add more in these days… Now looking at this stylish white+gray+glass effect of yours I wish I’d kept it even simpler…
    I really like your new series, and I’m subscribing, so keep these beauties coming! 🙂

    The best moment of my week? Some love song on the radio and dancing in pijama with my bf in our micro-kitchen on Valentine’s Day morning… *blush*

    Suze (From BYW)


  • Valerie says:

    I like the way you kept this so simple – putting the flowers to the side and leaving so much white space in the photo. It makes it interesting, yet still very clean.

  • Your a natural..great composition and lighting..I also started the week with 3 photograph’s I took.
    Sun, here we come….
    Have a great week.

  • Hi Sasha! Wonderful title for your series, really communicates what it is about and is so refreshing! Thanks for your visit – don’t know if you saw my reply or not to you but yes, lots of shops and restaurants in Snohomish. You will love it!

  • Brigitte says:

    I recognize the background…hehe. Looks great!

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