Decisions, decisions: Guest room paint

January 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, I can’t lay claim to being an interior designer but I try to ensure that our home looks nice.   Most of the time my husband and I make big home decor decisions together, and it usually goes like this:
  1. I do the initial gathering and vetting of options, focusing on items of appropriate quality and style.  Sometimes things slip on to the list if I love them,  even if I think the hubs will nix it. 
  2. We go through the list together narrow down based on aesthetics, as well as by price  because I suffer from the unerring ability to look at a catalog page or store displays and fall in love with the most expensive item. 
  3. We discuss the remaining options and commit.

This time around, we’re choosing the color for our guest room, and I’m supposed to make the final call.  The main selection criteria is that color should work relatively well with the other colors currently used in the house so it doesn’t feel like we’re playing ‘one of these things in not the like the other’.  I’ve narrowed down our options to two very different colors, but every time I think I’ve settled one, my mind changes.


Colors on a few of our walls

Color contenders for guest room.

Now, I’m wondering that other people think. Care to share your opinion in a comment?

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