Raised Garden Bed Options

January 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Garden experts all recommend using raised garden beds.  Raised beds increase your growing season because they warm up sooner than the other kind and they stay warmer longer, important here in the Pacific Northwest. They give you better control over the quality of the soil and they are generally more productive.

Knowing all this, I’ve been searching for a raised bed for a new vegetable/herb garden.  I could build it myself; there are plenty of great advice (go here and here)  but me + nails and a hammer = an emergency room visit waiting to happen.  Instead, I’ve been researching raised bed kits that include all the components you need to put together a bed.  The cost of raised bed are only marginally more expensive that building your own from scratch, but they don’t require power tools, so if you’re like me and don’t own many power tools, it means you don’t have to invest in them.

Kits come in all shapes and sizes.  You can buy just corners/braces and stakes and supply your own wood.  There are also kits with plastic or composite sides, some of which ar designed to look like stone. You can opt for kits where wood is the primary component, just consider the durability of the wood, if it has been chemically treated or needs to be.

I’ve settled on two options that I need to choose between:

Both bed types are cedar, so I just need to decide which one will work best aesthetically for our yard.

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