Basic Information for Garden Planning: Soil Texture

January 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

As a part of my ongoing journey to transform my yard into a garden, I’m gathering information.  One of the gardening books (Gayla Trail’s You Grow Girl) that I have on hand recomends includes an experiment to determine soil texture.

To do this experiment, you’ll need a jar, a cup of soil from your yard, 1 tablespoon of dish soap and water. Put the dirt and dish soap in your jar, fill up the rest of the jar with water, put the lid on and shake until everything is combined. Then, set the jar somewhere it can sit undisturbed for a few days. 

Knowing the texture of your soil will inform decisions that you make.  If you’re doing some planting, you can choose plants that prefer the type of soil you have.  Or you can amend the soil so that whatever you want to plant will thrive. 

So my soil texture is mostly sand with a little bit of clay.  I can’t say that this surprises me; I have noticed that things seems to drain quite well in my yard. There are no puddles, expect where unraked leaves still reside, even with the rainy Pacific Northwest weather.

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