Basic Information for Garden Planning: Last Frost Date

December 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve spent hours pouring over seed catalog websites this week, considering what I will plant in my, as yet non-existant, raised bed. Being a first-time gardener, I am doing my best to keep things simple. Wherever possible, I’ll be using seedlings from my local nursery, but a few of the vegetables that I’m aching to grow, don’t like being transplanted, so I’ve been carefully reading sowing and planting instructions for those items. 

As a novice, I expected instructions to say plant between x date and y date. Ha! Most instructions refer to the last frost date.  A little reading provided a little insight, with so many growing zones, that information wouldn’t fit on a seed packet, and it glosses over the fact that temperature rather than calendar dates is what impact seed germination and growth. 

The last frost date here in Redmond can be conservatively estimated as April 27th.  Interested in finding out the frost (and freeze) data for your area?  Then, visit NOAA Satellite and Information Service website.

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