Basic Information for Garden Planning: Geography

December 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

The temperature and weather keep many gardeners (or soon-to-be gardeners in my case) indoors, making it the perfect time to do a little planning.  Half the fun in planning is dreaming about the possibilities, but I’m hoping that a little dose of realism will make me a better gardener. To create realistic plans, it helps to undertake a little due diligence and gather information.  

Just like in real estate, location is king.  Understand your geographic region, and you are on your way to understanding what will work in your garden because you’ll have information about temperature, rainfall, and sun.

Here is the data I have compiled on my garden:

  • USDA Hardiness Zone = 8a
    • Lowest temperatures are between 10 – 15 F
    • Sunset Climate Zone = 5
      • Description of Area: Ocean-influenced Puget Sound
      • Growing season: mid-April to November, typically with cool temperatures throughout.
      • Winter low temperature range from 28 F – 1 F

Find your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone and Sunset Climate Zone.

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