War On Weeds: Smells like lunch

October 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

My war on weeds has been going on for several weeks.  I’ve been using several different tools to eradicate the dandelions and catsears- a dandelion digger, a vinegar solution, and a Weed Hound.  

The dandelion digger is a classic, simple tool that is effective because it gives you the leverage necessary to get at the tap-root.  It also provides a damn good upper arm workout, at least on your dominant side. I tried using my left hand and arm for this task but just failed miserably. It probably would have helped to keep trying, but who wants to prolong a chore like weeding?

I’ve also been spraying weeds with a vinegar solution that I came across in Sunset’s Western Garden Book.  I cramped up my hand three days in a row spraying weeds all over our backyard.  It cause a lot of wilting and withering, but I’m still entirely convinced that is effective.  It seemed to work best on warmer days. The solution made the yard smell like vinegar and left me craving salads for lunch.

The Weed Hound hasn’t been as effective as I would like.  If these were regular weeds, it would probably work just fine, but these weeds are long established with pretty impressive tap-roots.  I’ll try using this again next spring on younger plants.

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