Helpful moving tips

July 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

If you just managed a cross country move, you’d slack on your blog too.  It turns out managing a big move is a full time job, even if your significant other has a very generous relocation package. Oddly enough the big things that we worried about in the beginning are going smoothly- the condo is almost sold, the new house inspected, the cat survived the cross country trek, and the cars arrived.  I am desperately hoping that we won’t have to make a big move again, but just in case, this post is a ‘note to self’ about a few lessons learned so far.

Sending just the bare necessities leaves you woefully under-prepared. Yup, I said woefully because when you arrive and start trying to make life as normal as possible, it becomes clear that necessities should have been more broadly defined when you were packing.  This creates a dilemma- how much do you really need these items? Are they worth repurchasing? It is a waste to buy duplicates of things you already own.

  • Mundane items, everyday items that you take for granted:
    • Cooking spices. It turns out it’s expensive to recreate a spice rack, and spices have a limited shelf life. Note to self- think about the basic dishes you make and pack the necessary spices.
    • Hangers.  If you hate ironing, an adequate supply of hangers cuts down on wrinkly clothes.
    • Tea kettle.  It’s hard to make big pot of tea if you can’t boil enough water. The microwave doesn’t cut it and life is just better with good caffeine.
    • Rabbit corkscrew. Any other corkscrew seems to decimate the cork. Or maybe it’s me that does the decimating.
  • Things needed for the new house before moving in:
    • Drop cloths. No choice but to buy new ones because it’s smarter to paint before the furniture is delivered. Oh well, at least I remembered the fancy convertible ladder.
    • Measuring tape. Helpful in making sure the furniture will fit, figuring out where to put the cat box, buying window coverings, and other tasks that will occur to me later.
    • Electric drill. All I have to say is so much for putting up curtains and blinds before the furniture arrives.

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