Baby steps…

June 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Almost two weeks ago, I left New Jersey and arrived in my home state of Washington.  I am, admittedly, thrilled about this move and excited about this new adventure.  As much as possible, I’ve been trying to handle the moving logistics to free up my husband to focus on his new job.

Packing up went smoothly; I imagine it always does when someone else does the  work for you. Now that I am here in Washington, I am focusings on two projects: (1) finding a house (2) finding a job.  Obviously, both are extremely important, but for the moment then need to find a house feels more urgent since our corporate housing is scheduled to run out at the end of July and I’d rather not extend our stay any longer than absolutely necessary.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate free housing. It’s more that I want to feel settled.  Oh, and I loathe waking up at 7:05 am on the dot every morning as construction commences for the day on the overpass done the block.   The noise completely ruins one of the things I appreciate most about unemployment- sleeping in.

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