Rock Band = Analogy for Marketing

April 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

It struck me, after more hours of playing Rock Band than I am willing to publicly admit, that the game is a great analogy for marketing.  What’s important in Rock Bank translates to marketing:

  1. Enthusiasm counts a lot. If you’re lacking a specific skill, passion and sincerity can help you bridge the gap while you build up your skills.
  2. Timing is important. In Rock Band (or music), timing is all about consistency; hit the appropriate button (or note) at the correct time.  If you want to do this successfully, look farther ahead than just the next note.
  3. Practice makes perfect. This is a cliche for a reason. Whatever you call practice- work, planning, or perseverance- it consistently eclipses innate aptitude.
  4. There is always another opportunity. Learn, improve, and try again.
  5. Show up and play. The most important thing you can
    do is execute- play the gig, implement your plan or project.  Practice or plan all you want, but if you don’t showcase your skills and enthusiasm, they don’t count for much.

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